Exhibition services

Has experience organizing exhibitions and events since 2000: registration and information services, hardware and software, supplies, surveys, databases.


Marketing and consulting

Providing marketing and consulting services since 2005: marketing research, specializing in the tourism, (Option: Conducting Market research for the Tourism Industry), diagnosing problem areas of the organization (option: organizational diagnosis), planning solutions, workshops.


Setting up call-centers

Setting up reference telephone services (help desk) and call centres since 1996 Specializing in the tourism industry, qualified operators, audit and assistance in establishing call centers, telemarketing.




Регистрация на выставках - Информационная служба Красный телефон

• Visitors meeting and registration
• Registration and information services support (hardware, software, staff)
• Visitors’ database management

Call centers

Call-центры - Информационная служба Красный телефон

• Outsourced call centers for touristic companies
• Optimization of the inbound calls distribution routing
• Multivariate statistical analysis of inbound calls



Маркетинг - Информационная служба Красный телефон

• Conducting surveys and  target groups interviews
• Planning and conducting marketing research
• Providing diagnostics and consulting services to travel companies concerning their  target segment


The company was established in 1996. It entered the market with the “Free Reference Service for Tourism” project, with call flows up to 1,500 per day.

Main directions of activity:

• Managing call-centres for leading tour operators
• Reference Service for tourism (495) 626-46-46
• Setting up and managing Registration and information services for exhibitions (more than 80 each year), assissting events and conferences
• Conducting market research for customers
• Training staff, conducting corporate trainings and workshops on communication, sales and marketing
• Consulting services, assistance in business development and dealing with organizational and managerial problems

Principles of our work with clients:

• Care for our client’s reputation and interests Flexible pricing policy with focus on long-term relationships
• Most complete and accurate fulfillment of obligations
• High level of confidentiality when dealing with information
• Information service company “Red phone” provides assistance with organizing and handling exhibitions.

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