Exhibition services

Has experience organizing exhibitions and events since 2000: registration and information services, hardware and software, supplies, surveys, databases.


Marketing and consulting

Providing marketing and consulting services since 2005: marketing research, specializing in the tourism, (Option: Conducting Market research for the Tourism Industry), diagnosing problem areas of the organization (option: organizational diagnosis), planning solutions, workshops.


Setting up call-centers

Setting up reference telephone services (help desk) and call centres since 1996 Specializing in the tourism industry, qualified operators, audit and assistance in establishing call centers, telemarketing.


Exhibition registration services – Information Service Red Phone:

Регистрация на выставках - Информационная служба Красный телефон

Registration services (accreditation) at exhibitions, conferences and events:

  • • on-site registration service for attendees (handling business cards, questionnaires, registration forms of the   attendees collection, data quality verification, printing and distribution of badges). The number of exhibition staff (with experience of working at exhibitions) may vary from 3 to 50;
  • • help desk (information on exhibitors, programs and events, and services);
  • • distribution of the organizers’ handouts;
  • • manage supplies purchasing and delivery (badges, pockets, clips, plastic cards, etc.);
  • • populating databases (exhibitors, attendees);
  • • marketing research (among attendees and participants);
  • • informing the organizers about the visitors’ flows;
  • • providing exhibit booth attendants;
  • • technical support (laptops, laser printers, black-and-white and color thermal plastic card and badge printers, barcode generator and overprint software to generate and print barcodes for gate turnstiles and access readers, network equipment, laminators).

Pre-event online registration:

  •  • Designing the registration form as an electronic questionnaire application;
  •  • Hosting web-based registration form and testing its accessibility. (Option:  making the electronic registration form available to the visitors via a web server and testing access to it)
  •  •  Populating the electronic database with recognizing the users contact details basing on the barcode.
  •  •  Database cleaning and de-duping it to the Customer;
  •  •  Answering phone enquiries concerning current registration status and providing information support;
  •  •  Running statistical reports on registered attendees data.

Conducting marketing research:

  • • marketing research planning;
  • • designing  questionnaires and tools;
  • • defining your target audience, collecting data and conducting the research;
  • • analyzing results, running reports, identifying problems and preparing recommendations for their solution.

Database populating:

  • • questionnaires-based database (of any complexity);
  • • merging databases from various media (or:  building databases with the data collected on various data storage items) ??

Events Support:

  • • The number of working places and personnel is determined by the organizers depending on the event category and demands (number of visitors, goals and objectives, registration requirements). Possible number of employees serving the exhibition varies from 1 to 50 people (with experience at various exhibitions);
  • • English – speaking staff;
  • • Uniformed Information services representatives (vests, shirts, scarves);
  • • Reference Desk technical support includes laptop computers (notebooks); scanners; id badge printers (laser printers for black and white paper badges printing and color thermal plastic card and badge printers); laminators; registration and survey software (Excel-compatible format).

Our clients:  Reed Exibitions (Москва, Санкт-Петербург), ЗАО “Экспоцентр”, «Евроэкспо» ЗАО, «Бизон» ОВК, «ГРОТЕК» ООО, ГАО ВВЦ, ОП ВВЦ «Цветоводство и озеленение», World Class Фитнес-консалтинг, Рестэк (Москва и Санкт-Петербург), ООО «Безопасность Экспо» и др.

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